Should you meet all Criteria for the Awards category in which you have been nominated, you will be invited via email to submit an online nomination package (in depth proposal) for consideration. Online submissions will be accepted from Thursday, July 11 to 11:59pm, July 25, 2024.

Follow the steps below to submit your online nomination package (in-depth proposal) 

1. Be sure to read the rules and regulations and the eligibility requirements.

2. Create your member profile or login here.

3. After logging in, you will be able to view the categories that you have been nominated for.

4. To begin your online nomination package, select the category you want to enter from the list on your dashboard.

5. Once inside the entry, you can change the name for your submission so you can recognize it easily later. This is a name used for your purposes only. Judges will not see this title you provide.

6. Fill in the form to provide the information required for the category. Try to be concise while providing as much detail as possible.

7. You can see all of the submissions you have entered by clicking the "Entries" link in the menu. From here you can edit the submissions by clicking on the title link.

8. Entries will be saved in your member account, and can be edited up until the entry deadline (11:59pm, July 25, 2024).

9. Submissions will not be judged until you declare the submission final; make sure you hit the "Submit" button! (Any submissions not declared final will be disqualified).

There is no cost for your submission(s)

The Whistler Chamber of Commerce selection committee are made up of past winners and board members. The Sustainability in Action Business Award is determined by a selection committee comprised of, and appointed by AWARE Whistler; The Citizen of the Year Award is determined by a selection committee comprised of, and appointed by Whistler Community Foundation.

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