Sustainability in Action Business, presented by Cascade Environmental Resource Group

2024 Whistler Excellence Awards presented by BlueShore Financial | Whistler Chamber of Commerce


This Whistler business has demonstrated considerable positive impact in advancing sustainability in their business, sector and the local community. It has implemented sustainability strategies and practices that protect the environment, improve individual and community wellbeing, and contribute to our vibrant economy.


Has your business, or a business you know, achieved excellence in success and sustainability?

An eligible candidate must have:´╗┐

  • Implemented environmental, social and economic sustainability practices and/or strategies that support the success of their business and demonstrates improvement.
  • Made a considerable positive impact in progressing their business' sustainability efforts
  • An understanding of what to do to further progress toward sustainability through future plans or 2024 objectives
  • Communicated the story and rationale of their sustainability practices/strategies to their customers´╗┐